About Open Editor
Mathematics Online Editor (or Math Editor) and it's a WYSIWYG Editor (What you see is what you get)

Mathcha is currently developed and maintained by:
Bui Duc Nha (Linkedin)

Please help us to report any bug, or feedback to email:

Mathcha is currently using libraries/works as below:
The data is used for symbol classifier which was provided by the HWRT database of handwritten symbols.
Method to train data is followed by Martin Thoma in his paper
Spell check using hunspell and dictionaries can be found at Github project
For Bibliography/Cite we are using libraries:
- citation-js:
- citeprocjs:
- CSL Styles:

And multiple opensource libraries...

Why are we building this tool?
We want to help people to quickly write any mathematics formula/equation. People don't need to know about LATEX, but still have a powerful and rich Mathematics symbols/layouts/features so they can share with others.

Other tools allow you to insert some mathematical symbols, but it's slow when you want to add something like square root or fraction (you need to move your mouse to click and select), and only support Math Mode, there is no mix between Math Mode and normal text (Text Mode)

This tool provides sufficent Normal Text Editing Feature, and various sets of mathematical symbols/layouts, together with Drawing Features, which helps you to have a single place to create your own Mathematical document (Normal Text, Math Mode Text, Diagram/Graph).

This one is not meant to be a replacement of Rich Text Editing (Google Doc, Microsoft Word, ...) its goal is for inputing Mathematics.

Browsers Support

Desktop Browsers: Chrome 51+, Firefox 49+, Safari 10+
Mobile Browsers (Partially Support): IOS 10+ (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), Android (Chrome 51+)
Note: Firefox on Android is not supported